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Poster: duckpond74 Date: Aug 20, 2013 8:59am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: What's THAT? Someone's in trouble!

As awesome as it was, the wall of sound had it's limitations. From what I remember about that show, nobody had front monitors - they depended on the wall to be their monitors. It was a scorchingly hot Iowa day, the occasional winds, of which some were pretty strong summer breezes, literally played havoc with their 'monitor system'. I know it seems weird, but on any 'open' outdoor stage, it's very difficult to get a proper mix and volume when the wind is a factor. I had many experiences as a soundman (in a previous life) where the wind was a factor on outdoor gigs, and usually one has to 'ride the board' throughout the show to accommodate these natural changes in the sound levels.

To be fair to Donna, when they went back to playing in opera houses like the Auditorium and proper theaters like the Uptown, her vocal parts seemed in tune and really complimentary on the multiple voice harmonies. There are times when her part added a nice Southern feeling, and her harmonies sometimes were like honey poured over the Dead's usual 'coarse' harmonies. And then, . . . there is no excuse whatsoever, for her 'destroying' the deep listening and the vibe on some incredible '73 and '74 "Playing in the Band"s - and no forgiving for the many jarring moments, on what should have been beautiful transitions! Same goes for her other buzz killing shrieks on the other tunes where she is a barnacle on a rock or smooth stone. . . . No forgiving . . . same could be said about Bob's post '71 howls and screams.

My dog also has a disturbed reaction, like your dog. He usually lies down on the floor between the speakers in the sweet spot. But when Donna does her thang, he suddenly lifts his head, stares at the speakers, and most times will leave the room. With their sensitive hearing, they must suffer greatly at the dissonant blasts she belted out.